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Explore Bundles

Create simple one-step bundles or build flows for your customers to encourage them to buy more!


Flexible Pricing

Single or Multi-step 

Inventory Sync

Single Step Bundle

Fast and Simple: Create enticing package deals with just one click, instantly grabbing the attention of your customers.

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Multi Step Bundle

💰 Increase Cart Value: Boost average cart value by offering special packages and discounts to shoppers.

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Flexible Pricing Strategies: Maximizing Value with Dynamic Pricing and Combined Discounts

Combination of different type of discounts

Percentage &Amount discount

Discounts adjustable each step or every step

FIxed Price

Consistent Value: No matter how many products are added to the bundle, the price remains fixed, providing customers with a clear, predictable deal.

💰 Attractive Simplicity: Encourage sales with straightforward pricing that offers customers a hassle-free and enticing shopping experience.

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Dynamic Price

Flexible Discounts: Apply various discounts and include gift products to dynamically adjust bundle pricing, providing personalized incentives for shoppers.

💰 Boost Conversion: Motivate customers with tailored deals, increasing conversion rates and enhancing overall shopping satisfaction.

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Fully Customizable on Desktop and Mobile: Choose from 4 Desktop Layouts and Set It Up According to Your Brand!

Up to 4 
Desktop Style

Up to 3
Mobile Layout

Real time 

Design Options


Seamless Browsing: The sidebar layout keeps bundle options easily accessible, allowing customers to explore packages without leaving the product page.

💰 Enhanced Engagement: Maintain shopper interest with a prominent, always-visible sidebar that encourages browsing and increases bundle awareness.

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Easy Access: The bottombar layout provides a sleek and unobtrusive way for customers to find bundle deals without disrupting their shopping experience.

💰 Boosted Discovery: Encourage customers to explore special offers with a subtle yet effective bottombar that enhances visibility.

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Sticky Sidebar

Stay in View: The sticky sidebar remains visible as customers scroll, keeping bundle options top-of-mind and improving navigation.

💰 Maximized Exposure: Increase the likelihood of bundle purchases by ensuring deals stay visible throughout the browsing journey.

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Static sidebar

Organized Clarity: The static sidebar offers a structured and consistent display, helping customers easily identify and select bundle deals.

💰 Streamlined Selection: Simplify the shopping experience with a clear, static sidebar that makes finding special offers effortless.

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Fixed & Gift Products: Elevate Your Bundle Experience

FIxed Products

Defined Essentials: Include essential products that remain fixed in the bundle, ensuring customers receive a consistent, curated selection.

💰 Customizable Foundation: Offer shoppers the flexibility to modify fixed products while maintaining a reliable starting point in each bundle.

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Gift Products

Delightful Bonuses: Surprise your customers with special gift products added to the bundle, enhancing their shopping experience.

💰 Boost Loyalty: Strengthen customer loyalty and incentivize repeat purchases by including thoughtful, value-adding gift products.

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